Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ganguly Saga

Saurav Ganguly is out. And there are critics out there to write his obituary. There are others who are sad because of the way he was thrown out. There is still another section that believes that he is a victim of intense polictics in the BCCI. The truth as always lies somewhere among all these.

He is Out for sure
Does saurav have any chance of coming back if one were to believe his words that he has at least three more years of international cricket in him. Odds are heavily against him currenlty.

He is performing as shoddy as he has been for some time (I was about to write as shoddy as ever) whie team India seem to have been reinvigorated as soon as he went out. Almost as if he were the one who was keeping the team from performing. Unfair as it is the above statement defines the extent odds are against him.

His departure has become a message, even if unwittingly, for the team to shape up or ...... It would be difficult for the selectors or the board to bring him back for the fear of dilution in this message. Moreover the message seems to be working - Individuals are fighting for their place already.

Saurav deserved a better walk out??
Surely. He deserved a glorious walk out - he has been a most successful captain, and was definitely one of the most talented cricketers of the country. His record makes him great.

But wait.... before we blame the media and his baitors for his sorry condition lets for a moment think - how it could have been different?

I think, this could have been different, if dada would have learnt his lessons from Tendulkar. In today's commercial cricket greatness is respected as long as it comes packaged with performance and tact. Performace would vary but tact demands that one listens with his ear to the ground and responds to the call of the times. All that Ganguly was required to do was furnish his resignation as Captain on the first such major hint in the media and he would have been a hero. I bet all those currently writing his obituary would have been training there guns to save his cap. He deserves this because he latched on with his now celeberated stubbornness and did not live up to the call of the time which leaders would.

He victim of Board Politics
Everyone who is a beneficiary of politics will one day be a victim of it. Stay clear of politics if you are not a politician.

He deserves more respect however he is also a case study in poor public relations and unless he improves that aspect of his performance he has no chance whatever be the number of years of cricket he has left in him.