Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Soap - Horror

"I have no interest in married women. However, I don't like even to talk to divorced women" - barked the character in a prime time soap on the number one entertainment channel. In a particularly twisty turn of events when the woman in question signs on her divorce papers in a bid to win over his latest love - the one who barks back at her with those words. My parents with their infinite interest for the family drama that is beamed everyday to millions of homes was glued as always to every dialogue. I felt sick.

The character continued his high intensity delivery suggesting the reason why he doesnot talk to "divorced women" said he something like "I do not consider divorced women to be honest or committed". Is this just a case of poor editing /directing or does this point to a larger question facing us as a society.

The soap was cashing in on an ingrained notion in the nation's psyche - that divorce is bad, a divorcee is worse and a divorced woman is the worst. Do we still believe that divorces happen because the woman in the marriage lacks commitment? Do we still not accept a divorcee single woman as a responsible adult who might have had genuine differences with her spouse and decided to break rather then to compromise?

Tough question. Going by the popularity of the soap & the channel in question the answer is depressingly clear