Monday, December 26, 2005

Debates, Questions and Opinions

I read somewhere that "A Questions is often a cleverly disguised opinion".

Madukar in an excellent piece Setting the terms of debate convinces us that
"A debate is often a cleverly disguised path to a desired outcome"

In this second part of the theme he goes on to convincingly state that the terms of the debate set by wolcker's report on the "oil for food programme" takes the discussion away from fundamental issue that the programme itself was illegal and that wolcker investigation just establishes the programme as legal.

He had earlier suggested in part-I that the wolcker's report names 129 Indian companies and one politician. But the terms of debate have been so set that the one individual is the centre of all hoopla in the MSM and among politicians but there isn't a single discussion on the 100+ companies.

Could this be true? Is the intelligensia in India so vulnerable or madhukar has his facts wrong?