Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Blind" Justice

Came across this curious news - that a 76 year blind, almost deaf person who has been a heart patient and used a wheel chair to move was delivered the death penalty soon after he completed his 76 years on this tuesday - 17th of Jan 2006. Here is the confirmation that the death sentence has been executed.

I write curious because after reading of the details of the case - I don't carry any doubt that he deserves to be severely punished. Apprantly our men killed his son's girlfriend to prevent her to report to police a shop theft that he was involved in. After he was jailed for the case he planned for murder of eight witnesses to the crime and actually got three of them murdered. If the facts of the case are what they are - these were cold blooded, planned murders. What does the society do to such people?

However the guy spent 23 years in jail before he was finally delivered the penalty, he met a heart attack during his incarceration, and went almost deaf and grew too weak even to walk. One does think - was the death sentence serving any need at all? Is this case & the conviction going to serve as a deterrant to future criminals? One wonders!!!

Did humanity deliver justice in this case or was it revenge? The age old question rings yet again.