Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wiered Nature - Shocking Reaction

In a wiered incident at Khargone a mother died of shock after she was shown her newly born baby. The baby took birth with terrible deformities. She had no legs, an out of proprtion & large head and palm, scaringly big eyes and abnormal body shape. It pained the mother so much that she fell unconscious after seeing her & then never came back.

Thats not all, the family members considered her under influence of a bad spirit & hence burried the child alive.

Some random thoughts -
It is possible that the child with such major deformities might herself not survive on her own for long - but burrying somebody alive - sends shivers down my spine. On the other hand one wonders had the child survived - what would life be like to her, her parents and those around her. I guess that would have been worse than death.

Another scary thought - can this happen more often when technologies like cloning, stem cell research, genetic engineering misfires and delivers deformed babies?