Monday, March 06, 2006


Here is the BJP's official response to the Nuclear deal that PM Manmohan singh finalised with the USA during the visit of the US president George Bush. One immediately realises that he is unable to find any thing to criticise about the deal. He digs in deep and leverages his skill with the language to come up with criticisms which mean nothing.

Mr. Jaswant singh says that the Govt. surrendered to the US on two specific counts - one of which is
"The separation plan , reportedly drawn up by the government, will result in two-thirds of the nuclear power plants being placed under IAEA safeguards. Clearly, this will result in a gap on the fissile material available for weapons purposes"

According to him the government also 'surrendered' to the US by agreeing for 'perpetual safeguards' on civil nuclear reactors, a condition he claimed did not apply to nuclear-weapons states.

Jaswant saab you are no more a foriegn minister so can you simplify that language and tell us lesser mortals what those sentences mean in concrete terms.

On the other hand in the same breath you claim "BJP welcomed the advance in India's strategic ties with the US and said it was the NDA government that had initiated the process of a strategic cooperation with the world's only superpower"

Let us for once rise up to the occassion cutting above narrow political interests and party lines and applaud our prime minister for what he has been able to achieve. Times are changing and so must parties - I am sure that there are people out there in your country who would love to vote for your party because you had the courage to give the credit where it is due.

At least the world seems to be recognising this fact quite fast that Manmohan singh in his typically low profile non-invasive style is achieving a rare place in History which lot of others only dream of - take a look at these headlines and you know what I mean.
India makes headlines in US media
Blair hails Indo-US nuclear deal
Japan upbeat on the Nuclear Deal
France hails the Indo-US deal
China reacts cautiously
Australia Continues to ban transfer of Nuclear fuel

In fact in recent times Manmohan singh and team seems to have punctured all opposition within and outside party, government and nation. First Laloo comes up with a Railway budget that surprises everybody, pinches nobody and still seem to move ahead and generates more revenues.

Then came the Union budget. In another post here I wrote how P chidambaram disarmed everyone who was ready to target him & his government by presenting a great budget that creates a balance between the demand of the moment and good economic sense.

And now comes the bush visit when the USA suddenly looks like an old time buddy of India and the warmth between Mr. George Bush and Manmohan Singh brought about the nuclear deal on the dotted line. In all these the media management was impeccable. Manmohanics - manmohan at his best.