Thursday, May 11, 2006

1000 and now growing

Just wanted to indulge in some retrospection. Today my blog received its 1000th hit.

I wrote my first post on 15th November. Since then - 31 posts and almost six months later the counter on my blog crosses 1000 mark.

This isn't a great show, if I go by the performances of some veteren bloggers (like rashmi, amit, Gautam Ghosh etc.) whom I have picked up the habit of reading regularly. Of course I also know of bloggers (like madhukar, anuradha) who deserve better readership then they currently get.

However I never started off with the idea of attracting traffic in the first place. Neither did I anticipate that I will reach that count (traffic) so soon specially because I did not circulate my blog even among my friends from the real world. I just wanted to create a space where I say my thing and then I learnt that blogging is really interactive media that can reach out to people everywhere. And then I learnt about tracking traffic to one's blog and then ..........
Today blogging is a part of my routine and it provides me satisfaction, space, immense learning and more importantly connectivity.

Yes!! In this less than six months I connected to a few friends who are now regular visitors (no names here for I do not know whether they want this shared) and they leave a comment off and on. I never thought people can connect in such a productive manner beyond a mail-list which often turned into a chain mail circulation forums. Moreover, these are people whom I have never met or known - they are their becuae they read what I write and interact on what I write. Thats a lovely concept.

So here is to my new hobby .......... Thanks to all who communicated with me. I look forward to more in the days to come........May be I will write a deeper introspective post at the completion of first year of blogging.