Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bloggers blocked - a temporory solution

Hi ! If you are accessing the internet using one of the Indian ISPs, the chances are that you cannot see this and any other blog on the blogger.com

It seems that a selective ban on some blogs has enveloped the entire domain as the story here explains.

Till then you can use www.pkblogs.com to access any of the blogs (you will need to remember the name of the blog for that however).

For example to access this blog
1. just type in the browers addres field www.pkblogs.com/cool-discussions
{{I know it is foolish to publish a URL on a site which will need the same URL to acess but........ uhem ...... May be you are not in India and may be you will pass on the url to someone who wants to access it in India)}}
2. You can also subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the box on the right column under the head subscribe t
3. You can also use www.bloglines.com to subscribe to any blog and keep track of new posts on the blog. If you find emails to your inbox intrusive this could be the solution.
4. As for my blog - you can also access its replica at wordpress the url is http://aks1208.wordpress.com/

One hopes that this horrible ban is removed soon enough - as of now it seems to be an error.

Happy Freedom of Expression to all fellow humans.