Monday, July 17, 2006

Bollywood in B-Schools

Bollywood has been an attraction to the young budding business managers at India's best B-Schools for years now. One fondly remembers a couple of special shows of Govinda flicks that the entire institute was treated to, as a part of fresher welcome ritual at the IIM Lucknow. The singing and dancing with Govinda in the Balcony of theatres was immensely charged and hugely funny.

However, oflate even the professor's at the IIMs seem to get inspirations from the movies. Prof. Prashant Salwan of IIM-Indore is writing a case study on krissh which he intends use in teaching International business and Marketing. Earlier the Amir Khan hit and oscar nominee from India Lagaan was used by Prof. Patnayak at IIM Indore as a case study.

While prof. patnayak used the content of the movie as a case to demonstrate leadership and team skills, Prof. Salwan seems to be more interested in the professional-commercials aspects of movies production, marketing and profitability.

Three things come to mind
1. The idea of using bollywood movies as case studies itself is a great marketing idea. Immediately media attention is available to such an unlikely marriage as entertainment and B-Schools. IIM-Indore has used the idea to get prominent and visible coverage in the media. This is positively a great brnading exercise for a budding IIM in its journey to become a matured and well entranched name in the minds of the target market.

2. I am not sure, but may be this idea could also find another utility - to get the B-School students interested in the class room discussions again. Increasingly I get a feeling talking to students on cmpus that they felt detached with the classrooms. Whats better then an idea that without doubt will appeal to students across the board.

3. Last these are sure signs of the Bollywood organising, operating and succeeding with a mindset of a professional industry. Beware Hollywood - here's your biggest challenge shaping itself up for the task.

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