Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why oh!! Why

Last night was a a very difficult one. Sitting in Indore, watching frame by frame coverage of the gory act of terror that unleashed in Mumbai and Srinagar was a traumatic and moving experience. Everyone was visibly shocked - benumbed. What could one say or react to when something so irrational happens.

Who is making a point and to whom by killing those who were killed last night??

If actually there is someone for whom this message was actually - Will it reach them??

What does India do? My angry suggestion - teach them a lesson. Its time we responded - may be in a George Bush - manner, wrong/irrational it may be but some action is needed that will deter the next generation of terrorists from attacking an Indian traget.

My suggestion seems to be something coming from the minds of the likes of Thackery, Togadia or Modi. But no, I am no fan of any of them. This is a cold blooded thought. We need to demonstrate that we will not be silent spectators to such dastardly crimes. If there is no action now - it can only encourage more such crimes and more importantly there remains a danger of Indians feeling. So prime minister (your home minister is not even someone who can respond to this) - don't sit back till the time you have hounded the brains behind this act. Identify them, chase them, book them, kill them if needed. Lead from he front - backdoor negotiations are all right - its time for some affirmative action.