Monday, August 28, 2006


A couple of highly respected professor in a reputed college of Ujjain are beaten and humiliated.
One dies of the shock
The other feels so humiliated that makes an abortive attempt to commit suicide and then gets a heart attack.
A retired principal of the college also gets a heart attack after watching this on his TV screen through the local channels.
Whats more all this happened in the presence of Police who according to the eye witnesses did not take timely action to stop the excesses.
Practically everybody in the staff present was weeping due to the insult heaped upon them by Student leaders and shocked by the untimely death of the professor.

What do you think was happening? - some riot because of a scam in the college. Nah..... These were scenes from the student body elections in a college of a relatively peaceful city of MP . The only crime of the professor's, in question, was that they were discussing whether to call off the election on the demand of ABVP functionaries and they took some time in deciding either ways. Things became worse because hearing of the incidence the functionaries of NSUI who were agitating closeby on a completely unrelated issue joind in to attract their pound of attention on the issue. Read more here and here

The politicisation of student union elections is nothing new however each year the new depths it manages to find is - now getting dangerous. The unions are a tool in the hands of major political parties and their big men in the cities. It is ridiculous to see old guns in local politics taking part in the on-campus electioneering - trying to influence the official machinary one way or the other. And this is not just happening in Ujjain.

What happened further is frustrating. Almost anybody who has any political ambitions in the city or state jumps up to provide a statement that will help them get some newsprint wasted on them.

Some people in the administration get suspended.
An obviously shocked city protests in the form one of the most complete "Bandhs" ever thankfully not being incited by politicians.

Now what....? All the hype hides the fact that cleverly the administration has hidden the news that they have not been able to pinpoint the person responsible for the death of the professor. (It was confirmed later that he died because of the impact of one of the punches he recieved). Which means no one might get punished for the incidence.

Further update - The state CID has been asked to investigate and submit a report. Two key functionaries of ABVP have been arrested. But..... where is the evidence. Will key people be punished. The college has been reopened four days afetr the incidence. The staff is tight lipped (read frightened). It seems the transitory nature of public memory might finally bury the matter or will it - a couple of them have come out in the media and said what was to be said.

My thought - with such incidences MP has taken an ugly turn into becoming another UP/Bihar. One expects the current CM to stand up to the challenge and ensure that the guily be punished. If the perpetrators of such brazen crime will remain protected our democracy will have taken a body blow.

I leave you with a sad heart and a suggestion from resident editor of Dainik Bhaskar "Write on the hands of the guilty - Maine Apne Professor ko mara hai (I have killed my professor)"

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