Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lost Posts

Blogging has been an interesting hobby and a satisfying avocation to be involved in. Recently I recieved a mail from a netizen suggesting that I popularise my blog. Thanks buddy. I shall try that.

This partucular mail made me think on my blog again - in fact I read through the blog spending some time on it and thought I did a decent job of compiling my thoughts.

Some particular favourites of the readers turmed out to be (my criteria has been reader mails or comments in the comments section or hits on my counter)

** one on the business of coaching classes which although written under certain amount of anger turned out to be quite analytical on second thoughts.

** A recent one on the IAS exam also recieved attention from some readers

** Though I am not a regular movie reviewer but the two reviews I had put up on bollywood movies Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Dhoom-II received quite a few mails/comments from the blogosphere. I must say however that the one I wrote on a hollywood movie Casino Royale did not receive any feedback at all - to my surprise and disappointment.

** A couple of travelogues one of a pilgrimage and another to Darjeling also generated some interet.

While some other posts that I felt really good about after writing but which could not attract much attention like a series on whether there should be more engineering colleges or the one on a set of differently able children and the one on the mess behind CAT Analysis.

My thoughts then moved towards what I should term as lost posts - posts that I wanted to write but could not really sit to write theme down for eg.

** I wanted to continue on my musings from a pilgrimage - wrote a couple of them, rest still await my attention

** I had also thought of writing a set of posts on my Darjelling tour but could complete just one.

** There were quite a few that I started to write on but half through deleted them because the idea became stale but I could not complete them - so here are some that I would have written on but finally did not

1. In suppot of Ragging -
Supremem court passed a judgement making it mandatory for college management to check ragging; I am sure the court has its reasons and is rational about it. However as far as I am concerned - I am not just OK with the idea of ragging but also the fact that a lack of ragging would take a lot of fun (and dare I say learning) out of the student life. I believe that in our country ragging has not yet taken dimensions that it should require such serious deliberations and checks.

2. Politics over President -
is not such a bad idea. The competitive pulls and pushes can ensure that the president acts in the larger good. A person at the president's post who is branded as belonging to a particular lobby shall always remain under the scanner which is a good thing for a democracy.

3. Mayawati wins UP -
and the woes of UP continues unabetted. A state that can prosper to compete the best fo countries is mired in caste politics and the people are simply confused as to who they can look upto. Mayawati in UP is good news for nobody.

4. Cheeni Kum -
A delightful movie - crisp, intellectually stimulating, simple (no high decible music, no high pitch melodrama), sensitive and blunt at the same time, fresh, simply adorable. Amitabh, Tabu at their best. I would have written a review had I not been so occupied at the time I watched it. Except for the last half hour when most simple movie directors get confused as to how to end the movie - everything about the movie is too good. The beauty of the movie is that it runs on three characters all very well developed.

Finally, a resolve (more to myself) that I shall try and write more regularly.