Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Satyam Questions" - Where are our Politicians

Never really the ones to leave an opportunity to catch attention - where are our politicians on the issue of Satyam?

Why is the entire Indian political class so quiet on the Satyam saga. Beyond "The law will take its own course" - noone is seeking political mileage from the issue. Why?
Is it because of this?
Well one thing is clear - Raju could not have carried on a scam of this scale without involving everybody - his team, regulators, watchdogs and of course not without the active support of politicians. This scam is sure to be a heap of shit in which politicians would most probably be the completely submeged.
So don't be surprised that most of the system will work towards helping you forget the issue and move on. Raju is going to be safe, because the politicians of this country are going to protect him. Remember what happened to Telgi?? - Telgi who...........?
Already atleast three of the trusted team members of the Raju team have flown off to foreign countries without the police even sniffing anything. Myanmpati and his entire family it turns out are American citizens.
In the last nine months the manamgement team and just before the revealation quite a few institutional investors sold huge quanties of satyam shares. So there is an insider trading angle as well.
And yes for those who want to believe still that Raju might have been a robin hood - he had 50 bank accounts about half a decade back - for what - obviously cross trading on insider info making money on a reputation which was fake.